Gladius Game Arts

Gladius Game Arts

Welcome to Gladius Game Arts, we are a new company, bringing you products for Wargamers and Role-players, designed and manufactured by Gamers.

We want to make what you want to buy so please use our forum to make suggestions for future ranges and one off pieces, or to vote on other members ideas.

Over the next few months and years we hope to be developing the ranges you want to see, at a price and quality you deserve.

Products to include:

  • Ready to use bases, for all types of tabletop games
  • Objective markers for many popular games
  • Scenery for all genres, Historical and Fantastic
  • Miniatures (Eventually)
  • Design service to allow you to have something unique for your minis

All products are original designs and not made by re-using kits from other manufacturers. We welcome all comments, so if there is a range you think we could improve, please let us know!

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